According to, Katinka Hosszu became the first swimmer who earned more than 200 medals in the history of World Cup. She broke through the dream limit in Beijing, leading the eternal ranking with 202 podium finishes (134-34-29). Hosszu now earned four medals. Zsuzsanna Jakabos earned two, David Verraszto won mixed 400m, statement of the Hungarian Swimming Association wrote.

“I just could not touch the wall sooner” – cheerfully said Katinka Hosszu, after compared to the excellent performance in Hong Kong where she won 5 gold medals on opening day, she earned one gold and three silver medals this time.

“I raised the bar high, it succeeded thus today, but if we look at the overall points standing, I am still in the lead. Meanwhile, of course, it turned out again that nobody is unbeatable. However, I am very proud of the 200 jubilee victory!”

She triumphed among the three 200m-categories in the medley this time, quite confidently (2:10.44). In addition, the jubilee became really worthy: the 200th World Cup medal is gold.

She finished second in 200m freestlye (1:56.60) – the Chinese Youth Olympic Champion Duo Sen overtook her by 16 hundredth. The Australian Emily Seebohm was quicker than her in 200m back (2:10.26), wrote

Since she swam the 800m freestyle not in the morning, but during the evening finals, she did not participated in 100m  butterfly this time (she became 8th with 1:04.03) and she had no say in the podium places (5th, 28.73). However, she performed well in 800m freestyle and earned her third silver behind the Chinese Wang Gouye (8:40.58.).

Here, in the longest distance, the fight went for the second place and Katinka surpassed Zsuzsanna Jakabos in a great battle (by 23 hundredths). The swimmer from Gyor also won a silver medal in 200m medley (2:12.21).

According to, David Verraszto continued his great performance in 400m medley: he won the contest easily, overtaking his Australian and Russian rivals by more than 4 seconds the fourth time this year (4:16.36), and he could be even faster by one and a half seconds compared to the race three days ago.

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    I do not know how to access them on my keyboard ; and I probably never will.
    So magyar, what is your opinion of the article highlighting the swimming achievements of Katinka Hosszu ?
    By the way, your use of punctuation marks are back to front ; exclamation mark comes before question mark and there should be a space after the word ‘names’.
    We are not hear to criticize each other, but to admire the achievements of Katinka.
    The grammar police are so tiresome.

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