Transferring ceremony of the Knight Tournaments Square started with jousting games, horse shows in Miskolc, in the neighborhood of the Diosgyor Castle on August 20, 2015, said.

The main objective of the establishment is the care of the reviving equestrian traditions, organizing events, concerts, therefore, the program continued with major concerts. For example, PASO, Hobo and band, and Anna and the Barbies gave huge concerts – the statement said.

The renewed Diosgyor Castle, as an event location, will continue to serve the visitors, but by the reconstruction of building parts, the yard became narrower, so it was necessary to create a proper public spare for holding bigger events.

The Knight Tournaments Square is able to host thousands of people. It is formed between two open-roofed grandstands, which is equally suitable for organizing tournaments, equestrian competitions as the venue of major breathtaking concerts, fairs, outdoor theater performances, community events. Diosgyor Castle provides a fantastic background for the programs – the audience was impressed by the castle even on the first day.

Next to the recently-opened facility, the Vasarter (Market Place) got space where several local producers could already sell their products on August 20.

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