Kurdish women warriors taking part in the bloody war in Syria against the Turkish invasion forces have published a message on the Kurdish Female Fighters, a Facebook page that has more than 55 thousand followers.

444 reported that the post appeared on Saturday after midnight, and it says:

To the ATTENTION of our followers from HUNGARY/ Magyars!

It seems like that jihadi terrorist Turkey/ ISIS leader, Erdogan is gonna visit Hungary on 7th November and we believe and trust the people of

Hungary is not gonna let jihadi terrorist Erdogan in their country!

Everyone from Hungary and even outside of Hungary can join this demonstration to condemn this jihadi terrorists so called “leader” and kick him out of Budapest/ Hungary back to where he comes from.

Sending our greetings to the people of Hungary.

Turkey started an offensive against the territories of Syria occupied by Kurdish forces during the destruction of the Islamic State in early October after American troops retreated from there. Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó said later that

the Turkish attack against the Kurds coincides with the interests of Hungary.

Because of the official visit of Turkish president Erdogan, there will be demonstrations in Budapest next week. We reported before that the government of Budapest permitted an organisation, led by PM Erdogan, to establish a primary and grammar school in the Hungarian capital. It came to light later that the school has connections to radical Islam. 

Even members of the European People’s Party suggested the exclusion of the Hungarian government parties because of Budapest’s support towards Istambul regarding the invasion in Syria. Moreover, the Hungarian press discovered that

Budapest might buy tanks from Turkey

through one of the pro-government entrepreneurs, Lőrinc Mészáros’s business partner.

This is not the first time that Turkish president Erdogan has to face demonstrations during his visit to Hungary. In 2016, around fifty Turkish and Kurdish students studying in Hungary gathered at Deák Square in downtown Budapest to protest the Turkish government’s detention of journalists and opposition MPs.

Before, we reported that the Hungarian government helped the construction of a school in Iraqi Kurdistan. Furthermore, back in 2015, Hungarian troops participated in training Kurdish fighters against the Islamic State.

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  1. those are not tanks. They are just a few IFV’s being bought as part of depleating the yearly financial envelope

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