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Budapest, July 7 (MTI) – Twenty-seven ethnic groups from twelve countries will be represented at this year’s “Kurultáj Tribal Convention of Hun and Turk identity nations” to be held in Bugac, in south-central Hungary, on August 12-14, organisers said.

The biannual Kurultaj is a meeting of peoples of nomadic origin from the Central Asian steppe held to celebrate ancient Hungarian traditions.

The Kurultaj is one of Hungary’s most significant cultural diplomacy events, the Hungarian-Turan Foundation said in a statement.

The event will offer more than 150 musical and educational programmes to visitors wishing to take a closer look into ancient Hungarian tribal traditions.

This year’s assembly will be attended by the culture minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, the head of the Turkish prime minister’s office and other prominent officials from Asian countries.

The Kurultáj is expected to attract about a quarter of a million visitors this year.

Source: MTI

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