Range of Hungaricums can expand further. Chocolate of Szerencs, Transylvanian kürtőskalács, legacy of John Neumann, Vizsoly Bible, fish soup and Lake Hévíz can be on the list, Magyar Hírlap reports.

The first Hungarcium Weekend has opened in Buda Castle yesterday. Sándor Fazekas, Minister of Agriculture said that the circle of Hungaricums can expand. He called for the protection and popularization of Hungaricums. On the festival, there will be own places for most of the Hungaricums, including Pick and Herz salami, Buójárás from Mohács, falconry etc.

According to the daily Magyar Hírlap, Hungarian Tastes Fundation made a survey about the knowledge of Hungaricums. 70% of people was able to say only 3 of the total 41 Hungaricums. Elder people and males achieved better results.

Hungaricum is a value which is typical for Hungary, recognized both in Hungary and abroad and the Hungaricum Committee classifies as Hungaricum.

based on the article of magyarhirlap.hu
translated by Becsi

Photo: hotellaroba.hu

Source: http://magyarhirlap.hu/

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