A comprehensive lake protection program is initiated in Hévíz and its surroundings from about 2.15 million euros, according to Travelo.hu.

Lake Hévíz is one of the most precious treasures of Hungary from both natural and touristic aspects, so the reconstruction of the forest and lawn territories surrounding it has a vital importance, as well as the elimination of the non-endemic species.

The lake and its sixty hectare-large environment is a nature reserve, but the current program does not only affect the lake pool, but more likely its surroundings, which are parts of the ecological unit lying from the Keszthelyi Mountains to Little Balaton.

The non-endemic trees and plants – such as ailanthus, goldenrod, cylindricfruit primrose-willow or the Egyptian blue nymphaea – will be thinned on one of the world’s greatest biologically active thermal lake and its environment during the program that will last until 2020. They will also thin those exotic aquatic animals like goldfish or marmorkrebs, which are typical in Asian or African habitats, but in Lake Hévíz.

The reconstruction of the lawn areas of Hévíz-Keszthelyi Marsh will be executed in Hévíz, Sármellék and Alsópáhok, but a private territory will also be involved through an estate purchase. The floodgates that are controlling the water level will also be repaired, and new educational paths will be established in order to introduce the local flora and fauna.

In the place of the bath hospital a canopy observatory will be constructed, and a new infrastructure will be established in Hévíz Channel for water trips. Until then, it is worth to participate in a flowing trip in Hévíz.

Hévíz Health Spa and Szent András Rheumatic Hospital have been operating a monitoring system that observes the water quality not only in the lake, but also in the observational wells. Improvement is needed in order to achieve advance the lake’s protection. The lake protection program of Hévíz is part of the Balaton program approved by the government.

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Source: Travelo.hu

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