Lake Velence Velencei-tó
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Lake Velence will be renewed, and the works will cost 44 Million € (14 Billion Ft) altogether. The goal of the Eu-funded project is to improve and protect the quality of the water and to refurbish the concrete embankment in an environmentally friendly way.

Lake Velence is Hungary’s second most important lake regarding tourism and the third largest in the country overall. The lake is the destination of both inland and foreign tourism, so it is very important that the water of the lake is of good quality and that while implementing the project, the natural treasures of the environment are also safe – wrote.

The lake’s current shore protection was built between the 1960s and 1970s, so the condition of the structure has deteriorated since. It has wears, cracks and in some places, the concrete block has slid, and if it rains, the water floods over the shore protection because it is too short. During the reconstruction, the current shore protection will be gradually demolished and then replace by a modern solution that allows the natural self-cleaning process of the water. They will configure so-called nurseries for the fish in order to help the fish to reproduce.

Lake Velence Velencei-tó

Five square meters of the reed in the lake will be eradicated, but in order to minimize the disturbance of the wildlife, the shore protection will only be replaced where it is necessary. The sediment in the bays will be excavated, this will help with the proper water flow of the lake. According to the General Directorate of Water Management, the excavation of the large amounts of sediment helps to reduce the quantity of algae spores, thus improving the quality of the water.

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The adequate shore protection will also prevent the alluvium from getting into the water, further enhancing the water quality. The project will also organize waters entering the lake and utilize alluvium catching reservoirs.

Many people dislike the water of Lake Velence because many bathing areas are covered in algae and the lake bed is very muddy. Hopefully, after the conclusion of the project, these problems will mitigate or entirely cease to exist.

Although there are some blemishes, Hungary’s water quality is still among Europe’s best.

The upper control level of the water will be raised, and the new shore protection structure will be built accordingly. The highest water level will be 170 cm high compared to the zero level at Agárd. Although the project started at the end of August in 2016, it is not expected to be finished until the end of September in 2020.

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