Although Son of Saul won a Golden Globe and has been nominated for Oscar as well, the director seems more paranoid as happy, wrote.

The Golden Globe award and the Oscar nomination is a huge success, since Istvan Szabo’s Mephisto was the only Hungarian film until now that got this most prestigious prize, in 1982. collected a couple of strange comments that were said by the director.

He told about The New York Times that the American paper

“wrote two paragraphs about the Jewish genocide during the WW2 between two advertisements on the 17th page. This is their old innervation.”

Nemes Jeles told that it seems like the whole German film production was based on revisionism to calm the Germans down. He called it a falsification of history. He also said that, in Cannes, the German journalists turned away from his actors when they learned in which film they played.

The director said Downfall was “a perfect Third Reich propaganda”. According to him, Prime Minister Viktor Orban did not congratulate him. He commented on an Austrian’s damning critique about his movie: “Obviously, this is not a coincidence.”

He also stated in an interview that the French intellectual community has Maoist and Anti-Semite intellectual roots.

According to, Nemes Jeles resents the Germans because they do not distribute his film, but his reasoning, according to which they did not face their past, seems entirely without rhyme or reason.

To think that The New York Times and the French newspaper, Liberation, are Anti-Semite is incomprehensible. Moreover, the American daily published a long and basically positive article about the movie.

The remark in connection with the Austrian critic is also hard to understand. The director might told it because Hitler was Austrian as well, wrote. Actually, the expert just criticized the movie’s “atrocity-exhibitionism” and the protagonist’s motivation.

In addition, Viktor Orban congratulated him on Facebook, so his post could reach a lot of people quickly. hopes Nemes Jeles will not go crazy at the peak of success. Naturally, it is also true that he has to give a lot of interviews these days and he cannot give the same answers all the time.

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