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The number of newborn animals in Hungarian zoos is currently on the rise to the great delight of Hungarians who are enthusiastic about taking photos of the little ones. Here are the details of the recent baby boom in Hungarian zoos.

A baby dingo in Nyíregyháza

A small dingo baby was born in the Sóstó Zoo of Nyíregyháza, reports Sostozoo.hu. The new inhabitant of the zoo has become 7-week old on the occasion of which he underwent a medical examination and was officially shown to the public. Her mother, being brought to Nyíregyháza from a Czech zoo, gave birth to the super cute baby after a period of gestation lasting for 63 days.

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The little newborn spent the 1st month in a hideout made by her mother, but now seven weeks after her birth, she regularly moves out from it to the great delight of the visitors. Furthermore, she gets bigger and bigger day by day, and besides milk, she also gets food chewed by her mother. She was given the name Bingó that rhymes with dingo. 🙂

The caring parent and the baby
MTI Photo: Attila Balázs

As far as the origin of the species is concerned, there exist several theories. One of them says that they are the descendants of wolves, more precisely a subspecies of them (Canis lupus dingo). However, according to a recent study, dingos can be separate species, too. In Australia, they were highly respected animals of the Aborigines with whom they ate and lived together.

These days, their number in nature is currently increasing, and since they are excellent hunters, they eat anything from small reptiles to marsupials.

That is the reason why in Australia they cause much trouble to the farmers whose livestock is in danger.

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A lovely gorilla baby in Budapest

As we have previously reported, this Christmas brought much joy to the Budapest Zoo, too, as a little gorilla was born on 23 December. Then, Zoltán Hanga, spokesman of the zoo, reported that the little gorilla could be visited rightly after Christmas, but by now, the situation has changed. The mother, N’yaounda, and the baby along with the other 4 inhabitants of the run could be seen from 24 December, but eventually, the zoo had to take measures because of the visitors.

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As szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reports, visitors made much noise, knocked hard on the windows and made photos with flash despite the constant warning of animal caretakers. Since the problems did not cease, the zoo decided to temporarily close the gorilla run to provide privacy and peace to the mother and her newborn baby.

The new inhabitant of the Budapest Zoo
MTI Photo: Attila Kovács

The zoo reported in a Facebook post that they were obliged to introduce this measure as, despite the regular warning, visitors did not stop making noise and using flash while taking photos. As soon as the run gets reopened, they will inform the public, reports the zoo.

We hope that it will happen very soon, and visitors also learn that the peace of the animals is of utmost importance.

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Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu; sostozoo.hu

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