The 108-year-old Bem cinema reopens in the capital, wrote. You can watch last decades’ best films in their original languages, in 35-mm copies.

Gergo Szomszed, organizer of the movie screenings said that the current operator, an individual gave permission to operate the cinema which was closed in 2009. The cinema halls and cine-projectors have also been renovated.

It is planned to screen one film a week initially, but they would expand the range, if it is needed. This is a repertory cinema which means that it only screens classics. Gergo Szomszed began to search for a place to arrange a repertory cinema many years ago. He said that the 35-mm film format is very rare nowadays, only a few movies are made in such format. One of these exceptions is the Son of Saul.

The first movie screened in the cinema will be Sergio Leone’s western film, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. That movie was introduced 50 years ago.

According to, the organizers also plan the screening of midnight movies, “double features”, trilogies, and there will be thematic movie marathons as well. Gergo expects the interest of a couple of hundreds of moviegoers at first, made up by the lovers of old movies and the core audience of Bem cinema.


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