lego Nyíregyháza LEGO Education Innovation Studio
Nyíregyháza, 2018. október 17. Pölöskei Gáborné, a Pénzügyminisztérium szakképzésért és felnõttképzésért felelõs helyettes államtitkára elsõosztályos tanulók között egy bemutatóórán a Nyíregyházi Egyetemen kialakított LEGO Education Innovation Studio avatásán 2018. október 17-én. MTI/Balázs Attila

Central Eastern Europe’s first Lego Education Innovation Studio has been opened at the University of Nyíregyháza. The new classroom and methodology centre focusing on the principle of play-based learning opened on 17th October. On the very same day, the classroom was already occupied by teachers, instructors and students of teacher education.

Western Europe’s several institutions where teacher education is taught had been members of the network that the University of Nyíregyháza has joined with this action.

This methodology centre is focusing on bringing experience-based learning to the forefront,

this way, the pupils are actively drawn into the learning process. Besides, the innovation studio serves as a community centre as well, because it can bring together schools, teachers, pupils, and even parents. The main benefit of play-based learning is that it helps to separate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills from usual classroom education.

This new centre will help children to develop their logical skills, comprehension, strengthen their mathematics skills, as well as introduce them to the basics of robotics.

Furthermore, juveniles can experience joint work and their benefits, and new pedagogical methods.

Over the recent weeks, the instructors at the University of Nyíregyháza have acquired the basics of the methodology necessary to be able to introduce their students of teacher education to principles and practises of playful learning.

With the involvement of primary and secondary school teachers, university instructors

developed the curriculum in such a way, that it excites children’s inner curiosity.

The method further benefits juveniles with helping their communication and collaboration skills and their creativity to develop further, as well as to help them establish critical thinking. Above all, this is achieved in a playful way, keeping the children entertained.

Some additional interesting facts:

The factory complex in Nyíregyháza, which provides work for approximately 2,700 people is among the most advanced plastic production facilities. In 1932 Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded the company that has since become the world’s biggest toy production company.

Photo: MTI


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