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Budapest, August 3 (MTI) – The Liberal Party has proposed that Hungary should follow Estonia’s example and introduce electronic voting in its election system.

Anett Bősz, the party’s spokeswoman, told MTI on Wednesday that electronic voting has been an option in Estonia for ten years and that over 30 percent of voters had cast their ballots this way in the country’s 2015 election.

Electronic voting also has the backing of the European Union, she added.


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Bősz argued that the introduction of e-voting in Hungary would make it easier for the roughly 600,000 citizens who were born in the country but have since moved abroad to participate in elections.

She called it “severe discrimination” that the election law allows ethnic Hungarian citizens living beyond the borders to vote by mail while obliging Hungarians who had moved abroad later to vote in person at the nearest Hungarian embassy or consular office.

She proposed that Hungarians living abroad could cast their votes online with the help of an electronic ID card that they could obtain through the immigration office.

Source: MTI

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