According to, certain ads are looking for people who’d like to move into a luxury apartment close to the Citadel. It is 165 m2 big, it has two bedrooms, a huge living room, a bathroom and an incredible panorama – in exchange, the renters “only” need to agree to their lives being filmed with cameras and streamed online.

Gábor Láng, a 34-year-old building industrial worker, came up with the idea of the apartment reality show. He said that they already have hundreds of applicants, which is not surprising considering that it’s really hard to find affordable apartments for rent.

“We were mostly contacted by young girls around 20-25, they are the most determined. There are only a few boys and couples, but hopefully, they’ll soon take a liking for the concept. It’s a curiosity that a mother also applied with her child, but we couldn’t have chosen them because of the kid” said Gábor Láng and added that 6-8 people can fit comfortably in the apartment. So far there are three fix figures: himself, his girlfriend and one of their friends, the 24-year-old Anita.

There’s going to be seven fix full HD cameras in the apartment: one in each bedroom, two in the bathroom, three in the kitchen and one in the living room. Moreover, there’s going to be three mobile cameras, so basically everything will be streamed on their website called Sexy Sunflowers.

Renters have to note that they’ll be watched by others even when taking a shower or making love. Naturally, the owner and his girlfriend will also take on the conditions.

“My partner loves to be in the spotlight, I don’t really, but I support him because I think that if we join forces, good things are bound to happen. This task necessitates both of us, so I’ll adapt as much as I can. Besides being a resident, I’ll also work in the background and help with administration and I.T.” said Anita.

Gábor added that residents can have normal jobs since the apartment will “only” be their home, which they can leave anytime. However, it will be in their own interest to spend as much time in front of the cameras as possible.

“We don’t want to be profiteering from our renters. Besides not having to pay the rent, we plan on sharing the income of the website in a percentile proportion. For that matter, watching the apartment reality show will be free in the first few months, after which people can subscribe in exchange for an affordable monthly fee.”

They said that the episodes of the show won’t be planned ahead, but they plan on organising parties and different events regularly to boost the show. They might even invite outsiders and celebrities.

The couple is launching the show for an indefinite time. If there was a need, they would even continue until retirement. “People are very curious. They love to peek. Three things will always be in fashion: catering, funerals, and eroticism. I think we won’t be lacking the latter one” finished Gábor and added that they are still looking for enthusiastic renters.

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