According to’s analysis, the most surprising thing you see when checking the list of Hungarian celebrities with the most Facebook followers or likes is that out of the Hungarian politicians only Viktor Orbán has so many followers that would get him into the circle of Hungarian celebrities.

Numbers never lie and, as Forbes has reported, fitness guru Réka Rubint has the most fans on Facebook (circa 755,000). She is closely followed by singer-songwriter-comedian Tibor Kasza (circa 748,000). The bronze medalist is the popular singer, Mary Nótár (circa 508,000). Of course, this doesn’t mean a lot, considering that Réka Rubint never had a fitness day at Kossuth Square, Mary Nótár never had a concert there, whereas the Prime Minister could summon crowds there. However, it’s a fact that, by his social media site, Viktor Orbán stands out of the field of Hungarian public figures.

He stands out as much as if he wasn’t a politician, as Gábor Vona (Jobbik) had 273,810 followers, Ferenc Gyurcsány (DK) 128,185 and Gyula Molnár (MSZP) 19,595 followers at 11 am on the 3rd of August. Meanwhile, the Hungarian Prime Minister had 533,853. By this number, he could entice more fans to a concert than popular Hungarian singers can. Just like a superstar.

Lastly, as the Olympic Games is right around the corner, we should take a look at Hungarian sportspeople with the most likes and followers. It’s probably no surprise that Katinka Hosszú leads the list with almost 280,000 followers. She is followed by other great sportspeople like football player Ádám Szalai (circa 220,000), WTCC star Norbert Michelisz (circa 131,000), swimmer Zsuzsanna Jakabos (circa 120,000) and football player Balázs Dzsudzsák (circa 112,000).

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