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The summer vacation season has already started and you might be planning on spending some days at the Hungarian Sea, aka Lake Balaton. The entry fee is normally around 450-750 forints for adults, but the good news is that there are still free beaches, and published the spots where you can swim in Lake Balaton for free.

Autonomies running the beaches haven’t raised the prices of tickets for this season and parking fees are also supposed to stay the same as in the previous seasons in the holiday zones.

This means that beach entries cost around 450-750 forints/adult/day, however, this can reach 1000 forints at the Siófok Grand Beach, for instance. Children, students and pensioners can count on the 50-60% of this sum.

Although these beaches haven’t got dearer compared to last year, many people still prefer free beaches. There are no showers or toilets and fewer buffets at these spots, but the quality of the water is still checked frequently. In addition, autonomies have to ensure the most basic conditions in order to get licence.

The Hungarian government plans on curtailing the autonomies’ income from touristic tax next year, which would result in them having to collect money for parking or the usage of beaches. But, for now, you can swim in Lake Balaton for free at these beaches:

  • Balatonakarattya – Gumirádli Free Beach
  • Balatonberény – Csicsergő Walk Free Beach
  • Balatonboglár – Platán Beach
  • Balatonfenyves – Central Free Beach, István király Street Free Beach, Csalogány Alley Free Beach
  • Balatonfenyves-alsó – Free Beach
  • Balatonföldvár – Eastern Free Beach, Western Free Beach, Central Free Beach
  • Balatonkenese – Alsóréti Free Beach
  • Balatonlelle – Western Free Beach, Határ Street Free Beach, Szirom Alley Free Beach
  • Balatonmáriafürdő – Balatonmáriafürdő Free Beaches
  • Balatonőszöd – Balatonőszöd Free Beach
  • Balatonszemes – Berzsenyi Street Free Beach
  • Balatonvilágos – Communal Beaches
  • Fonyód – Fonyód City – Tungsram Free Beach
  • Fonyód-bélatelep – Fonyód-bélatelep Free Beach
  • Keszthely – Southern Free Beach
  • Örvényes – Vadkacsa Free Beach
  • Siófok – Free Beach for Pest train, Balatonszabad Free Beach, Aranypart (Golden Coast) Free Beach, Ezüstpart (Silver Coast) Free Beach, Újhely and other Free Beaches
  • Szántód – Beach Party Free Beach, Rigó Street Free Beach
  • Tihany – Gödrös Free Beach, Somos Free Beach and others
  • Zamárdi – Bácskai Street Kiss Ernő Free Beach, Keszeg Street Free Beach, Klapka Street Free Beach, Gyöngyvirág és Pipacs Street Free Beach, Jegenye Square Free Beach, T-Beach Free Beach, Kiss Ernő Street Free Beach
  • Zánka – Úttörőváros Free Beach Children’s Centre

Featured image: Wiki Commons By Dgglasscock

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