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Daily News Hungary

Budapest, December 6 (MTI) – The proposal to nationalise the Budapest transport company BKV shows that the city’s public transport system is in critical condition, the green opposition LMP said on Sunday.

Additionally, it shows that the long-term financing needed to safely operate the company is still unresolved, the party’s Budapest general assembly representative Antal Csardi said.

“We can clearly see that whenever the government nationalises something, shocking things are revealed, and whatever the government touches, it will rot away,” he added.

Commenting on Budapest’s bid to host the Olympics, he said LMP supports a referendum on this issue which affects everyone.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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  1. We do not know much about BKV but your transport system in our view is excellent!!! !!!!

    The ticket system should be better something like in Hong Kong but to get around in Hungary,the City and country side is easy and efficient !!!

    (come to Istanbul and you will understand what I am talking about !)

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