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Budapest (MTI) – A recent proposal to amend the labour code, aimed at changing rules on working hours, would put employees in a vulnerable situation, a spokesman for the opposition LMP party told MTI on Sunday.

Under the bill, now before parliament, employers would be given an opportunity to require unpaid overtime work, László Heltai said. Employers would only be required to pay for the extra hours worked after 36 months rather than the current one year, he suggested. If the bill is passed into law, employees could also be required to work 30 days on end, with no time off, he said, and added that the proposed changes could make it impossible for employees to plan time with their families ahead.

LMP urges that the current system of 12 month periods of flexible working hours should be abolished rather than increased to 36 months, and that employers should pay off overtime work each month, Heltai said. He added that employers should be obliged to allow at least one day a week off work.

Source: MTI

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