Budapest, March 5 (MTI) – The green opposition LMP has decided to “dust off” its earlier proposal to amend Hungary’s constitution in order to “restore the institution of referendum to the people”, LMP co-leader András Schiffer said on Saturday.

Schiffer told a press conference that his party would discuss the proposal with the other parliamentary parties on Tuesday.

István Ferenczi, a member of the LMP board, said that proponents of referendum initiatives should compete when collecting signatures in support rather than in “getting to the check point earlier”. He referred to a recent incident in which a group of thugs delayed a Socialist MP submitting a referendum initiative while another proponent gained precedence at the National Election Office. The Office, under current regulations, deals with the initiative first received.

The opposition Socialists said in reaction to LMP’s call that an investigation into the thug incident should come before five-party talks on referendum laws.

Socialist leader József Tobiás said that a “decent and fair” new referendum law was needed, but ideas cannot be discussed before “it is established what happened” at the Election Office “on that Black Tuesday”.

Tobis said that the “complete truth” should be revealed, with special regard to the identity and goal of the thugs, as well as the persons instructing them.


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