Budapest, February 24 (MTI) – The opposition LMP will resubmit its bill to parliament on opening up communist-era secret files on informants and the vetting of public office holders, the party’s co-chair said on Wednesday.

LMP will submit its motion for the eleventh time, a move to coincide with the memorial day dedicated to the victims of communism on February 25, András Schiffer told a press conference.

The proposal initiates that the National Remembrance Committee compile a list of lawmakers, mayors, ministers and state secretaries who entered public office posts after October 23, 1989 with an alleged communist-era secret service past, he said.

LMP wants to see clearly to what extent might have people with concealed communist-era secret service past entered offices in politics, the economy and the media in Hungary’s post-transition democracy, Schiffer said.

He said the proposal aims to prevent that people with such a past could fill posts in government or work as ministerial advisors.


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