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Budapest, September 17 (MTI) – The opposition LMP party on Thursday urged a common European-level solution for the migration crisis whereas the Democratic Coalition (DK) said that only Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, was standing in the way of such a solution.

LMP proposed that the EU should set up common transit zones, define a list of safe countries, as well as start a dialogue and renegotiate deportation agreements with countries along the migration routes, the party’s spokesman told reporters.

Jozsef Gal said the EU should contact the governments of Pakistan and Bangladesh, adding that NATO should move to protect refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

The EU should provide more support for Turkey, set uniform asylum standards and draft in cooperation with the United States an international financial assistance scheme for countries from where migrants arrive, he said.

MEPs of the Democratic Coalition said the Hungarian government must support a quota system proposed by the EP as the only humane solution for the migration crisis and for building solidarity among EU member states.

DK demands that the government and Prime Minister Viktor Orban support the joint quota system at the EU summit next week, Csaba Molnar and Peter Niedermuller said in a statement.

The opposition Socialists blamed the government’s policy built on creating enemies for the current migrant crisis.

Hungarian authorities handled the situation professionally when 1,500-2,000 asylum-seekers arrived daily in the country at the beginning of the year, board leader Laszlo Botka said in Szeged, a city near the Serbian border, after a parliamentary group meeting.

At that time 90 percent of migrants who crossed to Hungary cooperated with the authorities in undergoing registration and filed for asylum, he said.

The current crisis situation developed only later when the government started to see and portray asylum-seekers as enemies, he added.

Party leader Jozsef Tobias said a common European solution must be found for managing the crisis.

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  1. It only became a problem when a mass wave of migration was orchestrated with the sole purpose of changing forever the face of Europe. No single country can manage on its own but full marks for Hungary and Viktor Orban for trying.

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