Budapest, July 5 (MTI) – The green opposition LMP party calls for a “well-considered, cross-European” refugee policy, LMP MEP Tamas Meszerics told a press conference on Sunday.

Meszerics said that the Dublin Regulation should be revised because it stipulates an uneven distribution of the burden on European Union member states, however, signatories to the agreement cannot suspend application of the rules “abruptly”, he said.

The EU should define safe countries, the rights of refugees, and determine to what extent members should contribute to managing the problem, he said.

Meszerics also criticised the government for “not promoting a reasonable discussion” on the subject.

LMP board member Ferenc Gerstmar said the government was inciting panic and anti-refugee sentiments. He insisted that the government was not prepared to tackle the problem, which resulted in overcrowded shelters and deficiencies in he regulatory environment.


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