The opposition’s strategy to field a single joint candidate against nominees of the ruling parties for the upcoming municipal elections has “failed”, Lajos Kósa, campaign chief of ruling Fidesz, told public broadcaster M1 on Monday.

Kósa argued that the opposition had managed to find joint candidates in only 31 out of Hungary’s 169 municipalities with a population larger than 10,000, noting that the opposition parties had originally vowed to come to consensus in all those places.

The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats alliance, however, will field candidates in four-fifths of the larger towns and cities, Kósa added.

AS we wrote yesterday, Hungary’s ruling alliance of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats offers progress, while the opposition offers “unrest” in the upcoming local elections, Kósa said in an interview to daily Magyar Nemzet. Read more HERE.

Source: mti

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