municipal elections 2019


Investigations into five hundred million in support for Karácsony’s movement

Mayor Karácsony had maintained that the money had been "put together" by Hungarian donors

Hungarian politics in 2019: elections, drama, controversy

A year in Hungarian #politics: drama, controversy, nudity, corruption. #dailynewshungary

Socialist Balázs Pollreisz tapped as joint opposition candidate for Győr mayor

Pollreisz is nominated jointly by the Socialists, the Democratic Coalition, the Momentum Movement, LMP, Párbeszéd and Jobbik

New Budapest Mayor Karácsony outlines ‘fundamental values’ for Budapest leadership

"There should not be any second-class citizens in Budapest" - Budapest Mayor Karácsony

Szeged mayor Botka quits Socialist Party

Botka was re-elected mayor of the south Hungarian city of #Szeged earlier this month

New Budapest mayor announces programme of ‘clean air, pure hearts and clean hands’

The courtyard of Budapest City Hall which was opened to the public

Orbán cabinet insists on Budapest assembly’s ‘clear position’ on state projects

"The government will strive for a fair partnership with #Budapest's #new #leaders"

Did EU citizens decide the outcome of the 2019 Hungarian local elections?

We looked at the maths! #Hungary #EU #EuropeanUnion

Opposition parties address parliament’s autumn opening session

"The outcome of the local elections heralded a new era for successful opposition cooperation"

Orbán: Government ready to work with cooperative local councils – UPDATE

"The nation cannot be in opposition" - PM #Orbán

Socialists ready to continue building opposition alliance

The Socialists are ready for a "new change of regime" #Hungary #Budapest

Former PM Gyurcsány calls on DK representatives to fight against corruption

He described the opposition wins of last Sunday as "the road to defeating [ruling] Fidesz [in the general election] in 2022" #Hungary #election

Local elections – Demonstrators in GyĹ‘r call for mayor’s resignation

The demonstrators signed a petition calling for mayor Zsolt Borkai, who was reelected in municipal #elections a week earlier, to resign from his post and leave public life #Hungary

What’s going to happen to Budapest’s party district?

Restricted opening hours and #Airbnb changes in #Budapest's #party district?!

Karácsony proposes honorary citizen’s title for former Budapest mayors

"They both made good and bad decisions but they both loved #Budapest very much" #Hungary #mayor

Local elections – Orbán: Deals made with outgoing Budapest mayor remain valid

"I would like to see the bold and self-confident governance of the past nine years continue" #Hungary #Budapest #politics #election

New mayor Karácsony vows to block further construction projects in City Park

The mayor believes that erecting new buildings in the area would be "colossal stupidity" #Hungary #Budapest #CityPark #construction

PM Office: GyĹ‘r mayor ‘wins opposition gold’

"The #election shows that #democracy is alive and kicking in #Hungary"

Local election – Scandalous GyĹ‘r mayor Zsolt Borkai quits Fidesz

Although he is not resigning, he decided to quit #Fidesz! #Hungary #politics

Local elections – International press reacts to Karácsony’s win

Prominent persons congratulated #Karácsony, the new mayor of #Budapest #Hungary #localelections