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Among others, Péter Márki-Zay has been reelected as the mayor of Hódmezővásárhely with all the votes counted, according to the National Election Office.

László Botka, reelected for the fifth time as the mayor of the city of Szeged in Sunday’s local elections — this time as a joint opposition candidate — said the community of the southern Hungarian city, the country’s third biggest, were the real winners.

Botka said he did not consider running the city to be a political task, adding that he intended to serve all the residents of Szeged.

Everyone should feel at home in the city, the Socialist politician added.

He said his first task would be to consult with all municipal representatives on how they conceive of working together.

Ruling Fidesz’s László Papp attributed his reelection as the mayor of eastern Hungary’s Debrecen on Sunday to “the serious, diligent work carried out over the past five years”.

“Another breakthrough victory has been achieved,” the mayor of Hungary’s second biggest city said, noting that Fidesz’s candidates had also won in all of the city’s individual electoral districts.

He named economic growth and the maintenance of the influx of young people as his main goals for the next five years.

Papp had captured 61.84 percent of the vote with 97.08 percent of the votes counted.

Pál Veres, the newly elected opposition mayor of north-eastern Hungary’s Miskolc, on Sunday vowed to work together with “everyone who represents the interests of the city”.

“Miskolc has won,” Veres, who won 55 percent of the vote in Hungary’s fourth largest city, declared in his victory speech.

He said his campaign had been honest and committed to “working with all of Miskolc’s residents”.

“We want to build a new, beautiful city, to create a great Miskolc,” Veres said, adding that this would require the cooperation of all of the city’s residents.

Fidesz’ scandalous Borkai was re-elected as mayor of Győr. Candidates have garnered the following percentage of votes with 100 percent of the votes counted, the National Election Office reported:

  1. Zsolt Borkai (FIDESZ-CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATS) – 44.33 percent (19 312 votes)
  2. Tímea Glazer (DK-MOMENTUM-MSZP-JOBBIK-LMP) – 42.86 percent (18,671 votes)
  3. László Kovács (Civilians for Gyor) – 8.44 percent (3,677 votes)
  4. Jenő Balla (Unity for Gyor Assoc) – 4.37 percent (1,906 votes)

Source: MTI

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