demonstration against borkai
Photo: MTI/Krizsán Csaba

Parties of the opposition staged a demonstration in Győr, in western Hungary, on Saturday, against incumbent mayor Zsolt Borkai, who has recently appeared in video footage in connection with acts of sexual impropriety.

Speakers at the event said that the mayor had damaged the city’s reputation.

András Fekete-Győr, head of the Momentum Movement, said that the country was run by a “mafia government” while ruling Fidesz was characterised by “emptiness and a lack of values” in which party Borkai’s behaviour was “more of a norm rather than a mistake”.

He insisted that Győr’s citizens deserve “an honest local council without scandals or corruption”.

demonstration against borkai
Photo: MTI/Krizsán Csaba

György Szilágyi, an MP of conservative Jobbik, voiced his party’s support of the opposition parties’ cooperating before the upcoming municipal elections despite four other Jobbik MP’s quitting that cooperation on October 8, and said that those MPs had “smeared Jobbik’s name”.

He added that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán should have called on Borkai to resign when the footage came to light.

Local Socialist leader Balázs Prollreisz said that Borkai was unworthy of his post and added that “tomorrow will see a fight between the honest and those dishonest”.

Sándor Rónai, MEP of the Democratic Coalition, said that “Borkai will no longer be mayor, even if he should win Sunday’s election”, and added that “his successor will be appointed by the prime minister”.

Source: MTI

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