Budapest, March 15 (MTI) – The March 15 commemorations of the opposition Unity alliance planned for 3pm in central Budapest has been cancelled due to storm warnings, the organisers said.

The decision was made after consultations with police on grounds that nobody’s safety should be risked, a statement from the alliance sent to MTI said.

The rally will be held on one of the weekends before the April 6 general election, it added.


Hungary is not only not a republic in name but it does not function as one, the joint statement by the leaders of the Socialist Party, Together, Democratic Coalition, Dialogue for Hungary and the Liberal Party said. The law does not protect citizens from the encroachments of power but rather it protects the power holders from the citizens, it added.

Viktor Orban has governed badly, the statement said. The forint is at a record low, the public debt sky-high and capital for creating jobs has fled the country, as have Hungary’s youth, it added.

“More people in their twenties have escaped to the West under Orban’s reign than the number who emigrated in the wake of the defeat of the uprising in 1849,” Unity said, adding that Orban deliberately divided Hungarians and turned one against the other.

Photo: MTI


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