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Two weeks ago, the rightist media turned up with the breaking news that the world-famous Hollywood actress, Scarlett Johansson visited the 71-year-old Lord Mayor, István Tarlós (representing FIDESZ), who runs for reelection this month.

As the Hungarian news portal Bors reported – “The actress expressed a positive opinion about the professionalism of István Tarlós who has been participating in city governance for 30 years; he directed as a district mayor for 16 years; represented Budapest as Lord Mayor for 9 years, and now runs for a new five-year long period.”

The world’s highest-paid actress now shared an announcement with; according to which, the situation was not exactly like that:

“I would like to clarify the situation – despite various media reports, I did not express my support to Mayor István Tarlós for the upcoming municipal elections. During our private conversation, I just shared my sincere appreciation for Budapest’s hospitality, beauty and charm. Only citizens of Budapest are authorized to choose the next Mayor, and this is a very important decision. An election is a heroic action everywhere where democracy is in danger. I urge all citizens of Budapest to be brave and act as a hero, and vote according to his/her conscience.”

As reports, the case has been commented by István Tarlós as well, who said to Azonnali:

”Nobody had such statement in my acquaintance – me either – that Scarlett Johansson expressed her support to me for the elections. No one has been asked to tell or write such a thing.”

Tarlós also added that he met Johansson in June; and pictures were published later as their publication was permitted only subsequently.

On Tuesday, Deputy Mayor Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky issued an announcement; according to which – “István Tarlós and Scarlett Johansson had a pleasant, half-hour long meeting this summer, in the mayor’s office, where the actress ‘shared her sincere appreciation’ – as it has been reported in her announcement”.


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  1. The Mayor does not give a damn as to who she supports, Neither does anyone else! Someone needs to tell her to get lost.

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