Origo.hu was informed that the owner of Lombard Pawn Company has been detained by Standby Police National Bureau of Investigation. Before the measure, the investigators made a perquisition and started asset recovery actions, the police said. The owner of Lombard was interrogated by the staff of Standby Police National Bureau of Investigation as a suspect due to reasonable suspicion of committing fraud. The man has been detained and made a submission to the Budapest Prosecutor General’s Office to arrest.

The owner of the company appeared with his legal representative in the building of the Standby Police National Bureau of Investigation, where he reported himself. Following the report, the Authority launched an investigation against him on suspicion of fraud. That evening, investigators made several house searches and seized documents.

Lombard Pawn was founded in 1998 to carry out pawn activities, according to the information of its website. The external loans of the company exceeded HUF 20 billion by the end of 2011. The company operates four offices in Budapest and one in the countryside.

based on the article of origo.hu
translated by BA

Photo: hirado.hu

Source: http://www.origo.hu

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