Dobossy Auction House

Hungarian Dobossy Auction House hosts the first auction ever in London to sell Hungarian contemporary art exclusively. The Kováts siblings’ collection is made up of 55 exceptional pieces from a wide range of Hungarian artists. The entire collection is worth over 300,000 Euros.

Forbes reports that the auction will take place on 3 October, but the entire collection will be exhibited in Blacks Club, Soho beforehand (between 24 September and 2 October).

The Kováts siblings established the Dobossy Auction House in Budapest two years ago. Their father Lajos Kováts established both the Blitz Gallery and MEO. His daughter Nóra joined the Blitz Gallery in 2010 and took over the business entirely by 2015. His son Dávid started his professional career working at MEO and moved to London in 2009.

Dobossy Auction House

According to, the siblings have been systematically preparing for their international debut for years.  When selecting the pieces for the auction, they were guided by stringent criteria to be able to present Hungarian art in the most refined manner possible, from the 1960s until the present day.

„We believe that after their major success in museums, pieces of our collection will also come through on the collectors’ market. We also trust that this exciting universe, contemporary Hungarian art, will win over audiences in London too.”

In this auction, the pair aims to introduce several Hungarian artists, including the most renowned names to the most talented and promising young artists. The entire 55-piece collection’s estimated worth is somewhere between 300,000 and 400,000 Euros.

Which art goes for what price at an auction is affected by a number of factors. Dóra Maurer, for example, has an exhibition at Tate Modern, which is one of the most famous museums in the entire world. This will definitely push the prices of her works up.

Their collection includes pieces from the most well-known, almost classic Hungarian contemporary artists like Dóra Maurer or Imre Bak, but they also included pieces from lesser-known but very talented young artists like Ákos Ezer or Márton Nemes.


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