Pulse London is one of the biggest commercial fairs of Europe, where, in addition to the international brands, 14 Hungarian designers could also debut, with the help of Design Terminal and Hu9+Collective, divany.hu said.

Pulse London’s show, which focuses on design, attracts more than 7000 English and international shops’ purchasers and decision-makers every year, who are focused on new brands trying to enter the English market, divany.hu said.

In the London fair, Hungary was represented by Adamlamp, Parfums Viktoria Minya, Rienne Creations, vidonori, Logifaces, Re + Concept, Maacraft the Hannabi brands, which were chosen by a four-member jury via applications. The criteria were that the products have to match to the profile of Pulse London, the brands have to be competitive at local level as well, and the products have to stand their ground as part of a single concept. The professional staff awarded 3 another brands a special prize, and they can also participate in the event: Absoloot, Lamoppe and Bigo. Apart from them, 3 former- and current-mentored teams– Plie by Atelier, Paprikum, Studio Nomad – are provided presence at the stand by Design Terminal.

At the Hothouse Hungary stand, Hu+ created palm house environment.

based on the article of divany.hu
translated by BA

Photo: Design Terminal Facebook page

Source: http://divany.hu

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