At the end of May and beginning of June, the wedding season starts and wedding planners offer exceptional and quite unusual locations and services for couples. It is no longer a dream to say yes in a magical castle, deep down in a forest or on a boat. Moreover, it is also an available option to “hire” a whole village for the special celebration. Everything is possible the only obstacle is money.

According to the research of Pénzcentrum, the number of marriages in Hungary rapidly decreased from the 1970s, reaching its lowest point nine years ago. In 2010, only 35,000 couples decided to walk down the alley. From 2010, changes began to happen. Approximately 52,500 couples got married after 2010 until 2016. For the first time after two decades, the number of marriages was above fifty thousand. In 2017, fewer people but still above fifty thousand said yes to each other.

Between January and November 2018, there were averagely five weddings reflected 1,000 residents.

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21st-century marriage boom in Hungary

Marriage boom has been present in Hungary since 2010. The recent research conducted by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH) clearly demonstrates the growth and provides an explanation for the growing number of people committing themselves. Here are the details of the research.


Taking everything into consideration, from the wedding ring to the location, it is no longer a surprise that Hungarians spend millions to one wedding. Of course, many other features influence the wedding’s price, but it is a general fact that no Hungarian weddings are below 1 million HUF (3,000 EUR). There are many types of weddings with different requests, starting from 1,5 million HUF (traditional weddings) up to 3,5 million HUF (weddings at unique locations) (4,400–10,400 EUR).

Baths – 310,000 HUF (930 EUR)

Yes, it is possible! Many famous Hungarian baths have special and enormous spaces where the wedding ceremony can be held. The antique and historical walls of the baths make the celebration even more, for example, the beautiful marble hall in Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest. This price could also include the full usage of the baths’ facilities and services as well.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest, Hungary

Tropicarium, Budapest – 360,000 HUF (1,075 EUR)

Tropicarium is an exceptional marine zoo located in Budapest where all the unique creatures (including sharks) of the ocean can be seen. In its unique auditory hall, nearly 80–120 people can be sat with the decoration and the view. One of the walls of this hall is actually one side of the shark tank where the incredible predators are swimming in front of you.

Tropicarium, Budapest, Hungary

Old factories – 390,000–630,000 HUF (1,165–1880 EUR)

Abandoned factories and industrial buildings are also popular wedding locations in the country. The old windows, iron structures, equipment make the atmosphere extraordinary and can be easily decorated with any styles the organisers would like.

factory, hall, Hungary

Museums – 700,000–1,900,000 HUF (2,090–5,670 EUR)

Many do not think about museums as wedding locations, although these buildings also have spacious halls. From the smallest to the biggest ones, everything is possible; even to rent the Hungarian National Museum in the capital.

Hungarian National Museum

Castles – 1,000,000–1,100,000 HUF (3,000–3,200 EUR)

From the medieval to elegant castles like Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest or the magnificent Grassalkovich Castle in Gödöllő also can be magical wedding locations for the big day.

Grassalkovich Castle, Hungary, Gödöllő
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Pétér Lóránd

Nature – 1,100,000–2,200,000 HUF (3,200–6,500 EUR)

Next to beautiful open fields, parks, rivers, and lakes, there are several locations across the country to hold the wedding there.

nature, land, Hungary

Village – 1,300,000–2,000,000 HUF (3,800–5,900 EUR)

Holding a wedding ceremony and celebration in an entire village has been famous for years. Away from the noise of the big cities, the happy couple also has the opportunity to rename the streets of the village for the big day.

Megyer, village, Hungary

Vineyards – 1,100,000–2,650,000 HUF (3,200–8,000 EUR)

Vineyards are also beautiful locations for weddings for wine-lovers, and luckily, Hungary has plenty of excellent ones across the country. The choices are endless.

Tokaj Barta Winery


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