Calais, 2018. február 2. Botokkal felfegyverkezett migránsok Calais-ban 2018. február 1-jén. Az észak-franciaországi városban afgán és eritreai migránsok többször összecsaptak egymással, tizenheten megsebesültek, négyen lövésektõl életveszélyesen. (MTI/AP)

Over two third of Hungarians reject the main points of the United Nations proposal for a compact on refugees and migrants, according to a survey by the pro-government Századvég Foundation published on Sunday.

According to the telephone survey of 1,000 adults conducted earlier in February, 80 percent of respondents disagreed with the “UN view” outlined on February 5 that migration and its promotion are beneficial to economic growth and welfare. Fully 14 percent agreed with that view, Századvég said.

The proposal that safe and regulated immigration routes should be established and maintained towards Europe was rejected by 68 percent and favoured by 29 percent.

Programmes helping migrants to relocate and find work were rejected by 76 percent and supported by 19 percent, Századvég said.

Fully 87 percent of respondents did not support a proposal to abolish the legal and physical obstacles in the way of migration and 86 percent did not want economic migration to be legalised.

Századvég asked 1,000 randomly chosen adults by phone between Feb. 6-13.

As we wrote yesterday, Fidesz will fight against any acceptance of the “United Nations’ migration package” and the government will not withdraw its “Stop Soros” bill, a spokesman for the ruling party told a news conference.

Photo: MTI/AP

Source: MTI

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