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Róza Ádány, professor of the faculty of public health at the University of Debrecen, recently reported that, to stop the decreasing demographical rate in Hungary, the newest political programme to increase the number of childbirth in the country is not enough, but another public health programme is needed as soon as possible.

Portfólió reported that, according to the professor, only a country with strong and healthy residents can be economically successful and added that health is not just a factor the government should keep in mind but every individual as well. She added that an essential change in our point of view is also necessary to understand that health is not only “created” by public health services.

“In developed countries, the public health services only influence the nation’s health by 10% with decreasing the number of ‘avoidable deaths’. Moreover, they emphasise that every serious illness can easily be cured with screening examinations.” – reported the professor.

Although the number of deaths in Hungary has been decreasing since 1995, it is still not significant enough. Moreover, recent statistics showed that more people die in Hungary due to circulatory diseases than the European Union average. Also, it is also a common problem that many people die of cancer below 65 years.

The government made some progress in the improvement of the public health era in Hungary but this needs to be changed immediately. The Hungarian National Association of Public Health Training and Research Centres created programme strategy for 2018–2030 to improve and change the public health services in Hungary.

This programme was given to the Hungarian government last year.

The programme only can become real if the government accepts it, names tasks and plans for the future and supports it financially. This programme which focuses on real programmes is more beneficial and cheaper than the current one.

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