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The American superhero factory was recently sued by a Hungarian man for stealing music from a Hungarian television show.

TMZ reported that a man named Zoltán Kriskó sued not just Marvel but Disney, FOX, Apple, Amazon, and more, claiming that the TV executives behind the animated series from the ’90s jacked the intro music from an even older Hungarian show called Linda.

Linda aired in Hungary from 1984 to 1991 and was an extremely popular police-themed action series with thriller elements.

Kriskó reported that he manages the estate of a Hungarian composer named György Vukán, who created and copyrighted the Linda theme song in 1983. Kriskó says it sounds exactly like the tune the X-Men cartoon used years later.

The Hungarian man also reported that it could not have been an accident because the Hungarian television series was extremely popular, and foreign composers should have known it.

Listen to the two theme songs:

British crime show stole the music of Hungarian 1969 hit ‘The girl with pearly hair’

This is not the first time that Hungarian Omega’s famous song was used without the authorisation of the musicians, songwriters, or the rights owner. In 2016, American rapper Kanye West paid 50 thousand dollars because of it.



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