Ferenc Eszenyi from Balmazújváros made the ice cream that was awarded to be the best of the year. He also received the Traditional award.

According to Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, the jury of the Ice Cream of the Year contest has hasted about a hundred kinds on Monday in Szeged. The mascarpone cream cheese with salty caramel made by Ferenc Eszenyi proven to be the best among the icy sweets.

The best ice creams will be available soon in any confectioner’s in Hungary. The jury stated that customers are getting more and more conscious and see for the ice creams made of quality ingredients.

“I tasted 56 ice creams. These were made by confectioners. There are also categories for manufacturers and exempt ice creams,” the master confectioner of Szent Korona Cukrászda László Szervánszky Jr. told delmagyar.hu. He was a member of the professional jury during the Ice Cream of the Year contest on Monday. Szervánszky has tasted four ice creams in the morning, and he praised a chili flavored one. “If you taste it, you feel the spiciness in your throat only at the end. It is not the hot taste that is emphasized,” he explained.

The countless types of ice creams were stored in display cabinets in the middle of the square. Several interesting names were written on the beautifully decorated jars: “perversion”, “szotyoládé” (a slang expression for sunflower seeds in Hungarian), and even “paleo pumpkin ice cream with orange”.

Throughout the time of the event, Kis Virág confectionery offered different nostalgia ice creams in each hour (vanilla, punch, chocolate, lemon and walnut rum) for 30 euro cents per portion instead of 70.

“My colleagues told me that it is extra fee, but this day is not about profit but the happy children and customers”, master confectioner and owner of Acapella and Virág Cukrászda László Gyuris, one of the hosts told delmagyar.hu.

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Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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