“Yes to the Student City, no to the Chinese University Giant” was the motto of the demonstration, which was triggered by a scandal around the planned Budapest campus of the Fudan University of China. The organisers were expecting thousands of people; Gergely Karácsony also spoke.

The announcement by the Orbán government that the Chinese Fudan University would open a campus in Budapest has stirred up a lot of emotions in Hungary. The university, which declared to service the Chinese Communist Party in its document, would be located in the planned Student City area, but this fact alone did not cause the outrage: the cost of the investment was more than 500 billion forints. You can read more HERE and HERE.

The crowd at the beginning of the demonstration, source: MTI/ Zoltán Balogh

Roughly 2-3 thousand protesters gathered in a peaceful atmosphere on Andrássy Avenue. The crowd was allowed to enter the area in a very specific way, in accordance with the preliminary announcement: the immunised people were able to enter the event area from Kodály Körönd and from Rippl-Rónai Street. Those who did not yet have an immunity certificate gathered on both sides of the service road on the section between Rippl-Rónai Street and the Heroes’ Square underground exits on Andrássy Avenue.

The protesters brought all sorts of signs with them, with messages like “we will not be a Chinese colony” and a sign labelled “O1 is the nation’s executioner.” The weather was excellent on the location, with no trace of the hail predicted in advance.

The seemingly never-ending crowd, source: MTI/ Zoltán Balogh
  • The protesters were gathering on Andrássy Avenue from 3 p.m. and marched to Kossuth Square after 4 p.m. Speeches there begun at about 5:30 p.m.
  • Participants in the demonstration, if they did not have a certificate of immunity, gathered in groups of up to 500 people, while the ones who do formed a separate, larger group.
  • The event was organised by András Jámbor. “Demonstration for the Student City, against Fidesz!” was proclaimed as a key phrase in the process. He was backed by several opposition parties and politicians.
  • The police took note of this and indicated that it complied with the epidemiological measures in force.
  • Krisztina Baranyi, the Mayor of Ferencváros; András Jámbor, the organiser of the demonstration; and Gergely Karácsony, the Lord Mayor of Budapest, spoke at Kossuth Square.
  • Áron Bereczki (Student Union), Márton Gede, and Sándor Őze (The City is for Everyone, From Street to Apartment Association, Street Lawyer) gave speeches.

“We are the majority here,” Krisztina Baranyi, the Mayor of Ferencváros, started her speech, then took a selfie with the crowd.

According to her, in the case of the foundation operating the university, the state will not have majority ownership, so the investment is not subject to public procurement rules – we are witnessing a private company being created from public funds.

Krisztina Baranyi also spoke to the Fidesz voters; the phrase “dear KDNP mass base” provoked laughter and applause from the crowd.

“The Fudan case is Fidesz’s ultimate and complete moral suicide. […] The Fudan case reveals that all their words are lies, that all their adherence to values ​​is just cunning. This reveals that nothing is sacred to them,” said Gergely Karácsony.

Gergely Karácsony, Mayor of Budapest, during his speech in front of the Parliament, source: MTI/ Zoltán Balogh

As the Lord Mayor of Budapest changed the subject to the significance of the 2022 election, he promised those present that he would take part in the opposition pre-election and the parliamentary elections.

Meanwhile, only news of the traffic chaos caused by the demonstration was published in the pro-government media, while during the demonstration, they only got to the point where László Palkovics’s deputy considered the event to be political hysteria.

immunity certificate hungary
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Source: hvg.hu; index.hu; népszava.hu; origo.hu

  1. God bless Mayor Karacsony and all Hungarians opposing Orbán’s autocratic illiberal regime.

  2. What I don’t understand is why Hungary will build and pay for this Chinese Campus and Fudan University will get it for free?
    Shouldn’t Fudan University pay for their campus?

  3. “Rise up” continue Hungarians.
    National Elections May 2022 – remember the Opportunity it gives to your voice through Democracy.
    This demonstration – another MASSIVE message to the present Government that highlights the on-going disagreement from growing numbers of citizens to their “marriage” with China.
    It is a “broad sheet” on-going Challenge to the citizens of Hungary, this position of growing economic and financial partnership, that the present Government of Hungary, increasing at a rapid pace, spreading broadly throughout the Economic and Financial landscape of Hungary.
    Orderly citizen objection – citizen growing in numbers – the Power of the People and their voices – using this objectional process to a Governments obvious agenda, through citizens exercising their rights under Democracy – the right and proper way to bring CHANGE.
    In using the word Academia – the broadness of this word, the core meaning of this word, if this University campus, is allowed to be constructed, it will drastically change the on-going developing ways presently – which are currently moving forward and developing – in Hungary – in the lives and future of students – who gain entry into University environments.
    We do not need a Chinese funded, run and controlled University in Hungary.
    The x’s on a paper massively outnumbers the ticks – and over longer time, will be a hurtful and loss situation to the Hungarian population.
    Broad infiltration – another example – Not to be Forgotten – who, over the past (10) ten years have been in Budapest, Hungary – the largest Foreign Investors into our Property Market – New and Used – Houses, Apartments, Flats and Land and Warehouse Markets ?
    REMEMBER – the Factuality of this Answer – the Chinese.
    The Power of People – growing in numbers – their voices in orderly numbers –
    can Bring Change.

  4. Interesting to see how these PSEUDO- HUNGARIANS are trying to get real Hungarians to “rise up”.
    Your political masters are paying your bills aren’t they?
    Have you looked at yourselves !
    What have you become?!!!!!!!
    You are not really people are you, just some sad and useless puppets whose use-by date has long expired.
    How pathetic and despicable.

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