The downtown neighborhood of Budapest is naturally buzzed with traditional tourist attractions.  However, for thousands of people, who deny falling into the stereotypical tourist traps, there is a way to experience something very different – MindQuest – Live Adventure Game.

MindQuest causes a blizzard of adrenaline, excitement and thrill for all of its visitors. This live adventure game is designed to bring groups of people together and make them work as a united team, challenge their minds and complete a certain task.

There are three completely different scenarios of this live strategy game: The Bomb (“there are a lot of military secrets and mysteries. In a real cold-war themed office, your only goal is to find and defuse a dangerous bomb before the time is up!”), The Diamond Heist (“The biggest diamond in the World? Really? Yes! This is the last day before the public show, and this unique gem is still not yours? Hack and deactivate the most advanced security system and stole the diamond in 60 minutes!”) and finally, The Matrix – one of the most popular adventures (“The Matrix Has You!? From the little streets of San Francisco you have to find a way to get into the main server room of it and destroy the evil Matrix itself! If you are snappy and lucky enough – you can save our world against the machines. Without requiring any IT skills!”).

Logic, imagination and natural instincts will help the game enthusiasts to fight against their main enemy – time.  There is no better way to soak into the spirit of adventure/ strategy than build a team of 2 to 5 friends and dive right into this utterly thrilling activity.

This live adventure game is definitely something very different from what anyone would normally do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but that is exactly why it is so utterly compelling. Mind quests are becoming very popular among tourists visiting Budapest, as well as people living here. If any of our readers are looking for a way to escape from the everyday reality and become a part of a super-hero story for an hour please visit the official website of the MindQuest:

by Ekaterina Egorova



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