MTI Fotó: Filep István

Vienna (MTI) – Budapest Mayor István Tarlós and his Vienna counterpart Michael Haupl commemorated together the 60th anniversary of Hungary’s 1956 revolution in the Austrian capital on Monday.

“Hungarians are to date grateful to Austria and the Austrian people for accepting Hungarian refugees with an open heart and supporting them sixty years ago,” Tarlos said at a memorial plaque in front of the Trautson Palace in central Vienna.

Austria had to cope with a lot of difficulties after WWII, but its people were optimistic and were in no doubt that they had to help Hungarian refugees escaping Soviet rule, said Haupl.

MTI Photo by István Filep
MTI Photo by István Filep

The memorial expresses thanks to the citizens of Vienna for helping Hungarians in 1956.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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