Gábor Presser and Kanye West had a legal quarrel in 2013, as the latter featured a snippet from Presser’s song Gyöngyhajú lány without the artist’s permission. Presser won the case, but he is facing yet another plagiarist, namely Wiz Khalifa, who used a section from the same song.

Blikk reports that Presser is not only annoyed by foreign artists but also angry with the fact that they completely ignore authorship and the artist himself.

Presser said that foreign, world-wide famous artists stealing material from Hungarian musicians has not only legal and financial reasons but moral ones too.

“Just because they do not know who we are and where we live, they think that we do not know them either, and what they are doing to- and with our materials” Presser said.

The renown Hungarian musician continued: “Do they really think that just because we are so far away, we do not matter?”.

Talking about his lawsuit with Kanye West, Gábor Presser revealed that he carried on, stubbornly thinking ‘I will not let them do this to me’. He even has a list containing the instances when his own or his band’s, LGT’s songs were used without their permission.

On this list Wiz Khalifa is featured too, with his song Buss Down: the song is 3-4 minutes and its instrumental is entirely the organ intro to Gyöngyhajú lány.

“I am growing tired of this” – said the musician, adding that at the moment he does not wish to fight anymore, noting that he might change his mind in the future.

He advises upstarting musicians to always stand up for themselves.

featured image: https://www.facebook.com/wizkhalifa

Source: blikk.hu

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