Vienna (MTI) – Germany play a key role in the migrant crisis because if German Chancellor Angela Merkel were to say that the country is full, the flow of migrants would drop, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview published by Swiss conservative weekly Die Weltwoche on Thursday.

The migrant crisis is having a destabilising effect in the European Union not only because of the high number of migrants arriving but also because of the wavering of trust in democracy, Orban said.

The European elite is talking superficially about issues of secondary importance when such basic topics as freedom, Christianity, the nation and pride are neglected, Orban said.

“Even though Merkel is the most important right-wing politician, she has formed a coalition with the Social Democrats, and she would not have a majority without them,” he said. “If we want to understand what the chancellor does, we have to look at the grand coalition as a whole.”

Photo: MTI


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  1. Again the EU have failed to sort out the never ending flow of migrants. Where is the leadership of the EU the Commissioners ?, have they all gone into hibernation for the winter. A crisis is taking place and the only leader taking notice and acting on it is Victor Orban, thank goodness. Perhaps the Commissioners could leave Victor to sort out Angela Merkles mess as no one else seems to be able to!.

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