This is the Jobbik’s official campaign clip regarding the referendum held on October 2, in Hungary, about the re-localization of migrants.

Vona calls on Hungarians to vote ‘no’ on Oct 2

Jobbik party leader Gábor Vona on today called on Hungarians to vote “no” in the Oct. 2 referendum on European Union migrant quotas.

Everybody should participate in next Sunday’s referendum and vote “no”, he said, adding that participation was an obligation and a democratic right.

Validity is the only issue at stake in the referendum, which requires at least 50 percent of eligible voters to turn up, he said. If the referendum is invalid, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán should take responsibility and resign, Vona said.

In the referendum Hungarians will be asked: “Do you want to allow the European Union to mandate the resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens to Hungary without the approval of parliament?”

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In English – Jobbik’s message for the referendum on October 2

In French – Clip de campagne du Jobbik pour le référendum du 2 octobre

In Italian – Messaggio dal Jobbik per il refrendum


Source: YouTube – Custodela EU

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  1. Does it really matter who and which party came up with the first ideas. The big thing is, that Orbán Viktor reacted in the end. Everything that has been said and done from the Fidesz and Jobbik surely has been said and done for the Hungarian people and their country. Well done Fidesz and Jobbik, and lets hope the referendum is in favour of a NO vote. The Communist lefties are nasty, and would do anything to sell their own country, or take it back to where it was before 2010, just for the sake of power. They are very poor losers.

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