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Budapest, May 8 (MTI) – A group of migrants clashed with security guards in a refugee reception centre in Békéscsaba, in southeast Hungary, after the guards tried to stop them from damaging the property, the immigration office (BAH) said. Nobody was injured.

The Bekes County police said in a statement that shortly before midnight on Saturday, five Iranian migrants smashed a window and started damaging the furniture at the facility for yet-unknown reasons. When security guards tried to intervene, the migrants started hurling chairs towards them.

Investigators later questioned the five migrants as suspects, BAH said.

BAH press chief Helga Záborszki said there are currently 145 migrants staying at the reception centre, adding that the office has no plans tighten security after the incident.

Order was quickly restored at the reception centre and the incident did not upset public order in the city of Békéscsaba, police said.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. Send them back to Iran. No country should have to take disrespectful idiots.

  2. Hopefully the authorities have deported these migrants back to where they came from. Most certainly people such as these are unwelcome in civilised countrys.
    Again the problem lies with the country of entry for failing to process these people, prior to them rushing onwards.

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