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National Utilities Ltd. (Nemzeti Közművek) is aiming to establish so many charging stations that within 1.5 years, people will be able to drive across Hungary with their electric cars. In order to achieve this goal, NKM is making huge investments and is partnering up with several other companies.

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Even though electric cars are the future, very few people choose these cars in Hungary. This is due not only to their price but their relatively limited range as well as the insufficient amount of charging stations that are available in Hungary, hvg reports.

Világgazdaság.hu recently conducted an interview with Gábor Hiezl, CEO of National Utilities Ltd., who said that the company aimed to speed up the spread of electro-mobility in Hungary.

National Utilities Ltd. is currently operating 100 public charging stations in Hungary, 10% of which are so-called fast chargers. The company aims to build as many chargers as it takes for people to be able to drive comfortably across the whole country with their electric vehicles. This will be possible if there will be chargers every 80-100 km.

In order to achieve its goal, National Utilities Ltd. is working together with several other companies.

A recent survey conducted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) shows that

the No. of electric cars in use recently exceeded 5 million, while there are only 632,000 charging stations available. Moreover, 66% of the available chargers are so slow that it takes over 30 minutes to gain a range of only 15 km.

BMW, Ford, Daimler and the Volkswagen Group announced their collaboration called the Ionity project in 2017 to create an effective and super-fast charger network in Europe.

By the end of 2019, these companies want to establish 400 Ionity charging stations all over Europe.

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The chargers are expected to be built along highways. Hungary is planned to receive three ultra-fast chargers: one in Budapest, one near Győr and one near Nagykanizsa. At the moment, chargers with the highest capacity in Hungary are around 50 kW, while the Ionity chargers will start at 150 kW.

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Source: www.hvg.hu; www.vg.hu

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