Budapest, August 30 (MTI) – Migrants at Budapest’s Keleti railway station staged a protest in the morning on Sunday, public news channel M1 reported.

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The migrants temporarily residing at the station were joined by several hundred more, M1 said in a noon report.

The migrants chanted, in English, “Germany, Germany”, their destination of choice.

The migrants had protested with similar chants on Saturday, but on Sunday they demanded the presence of the United Nations. They also gave the thumbs up sign when they said Germany but showed thumbs down at the mention of Hungary.

The migrants complained that they had valid tickets for trains to Germany, but are not being allowed further by the Hungarian police. They also objected to their identities being recorded by the authorities and said the one meal a day they get is insufficient.

The interior ministry told MTI that, in line with current European Union regulations, asylum-seekers can travel from Hungary to Germany only if they have travel documents and a valid visa. The residence permit issued for the period of processing the asylum request is only valid for Hungary and does not entitle the holder to travel to other EU states, it added. The immigration office can issue this residence permit only after the authorities register the asylum-seeker’s application at a designated reception centre, the ministry said.

Photo: MTI


  1. My sympathies go out to both Hungary and Germany. Being overrun by economic parasites. Less than 3% of these migrants storming the European borders are actually refugees.

  2. the problem have been created big country……………………………… what a pitty Surien Egithtian libyan Turkish people.

    there are oil where there are always termoil

  3. I love how a country as poor as Hungary, and that historically has sent migrants to other countries is now treating these immigrants with no respect for their human rights… what a shame.

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