According to, the Hungarian Tourism Ltd. was present at many exhibitions focusing on tourism, such as the Holiday World, which focuses on Central Europe, and on the Belgrade Fair, which was held between 18-21 February and concentrated on South-Easter Europe.

The Holiday World is the most important tourism expo that focuses on Central Europe and it celebrated its 25th birthday this year. During the exhibition travel agencies, touristic offices, and other service companies show off their most recent offers for the Czech market, including the 2016 prices and special services.

The Harkány Thermal Spa has a strong presence on the Czech market, Ákos Hegyi, the Spa’s chief executive officer said. Bus tours to Hungary are regularly organized for Czech tourists, and it’s still a tradition at Czech companies to send their employees on vacation; the Czech interior ministry’s travels are organized by one company, which concerns 15,000 employees.

Hegyi added that although less German and Austrian tourists visit the Spa the number of Czech visitors has significantly grown in the past few years: almost 100,000 tickets were sold for Czech people in 2015.

Spas in Eastern Hungary (e.g. Szeged, Gyula, Debrecen), are regularly visited by Serbian tourists, but they are also constantly looking for new places to try. The city of Harkány is only 3-4 hours from Belgrade, Hegyi said, so there’s a good chance that the Spa will get popular among Serbian tourists.

The Harkány Thermal Spa was an active participant of both the Holiday World and the Belgrade Fair, and they are constantly negotiating with companies which organize tours to Hungary. Representatives of the Spa have also consulted Attila Pintér, Hungarian Ambassador to Belgrade, on the topic of popularizing Southern Hungarian thermal spas in Serbia.

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  1. Hungary is a beautiful country. We were in Pecs and Budapest in December and will come back to Hungary soon. One of main reasons to visit is the fact that Hungary is migrant-free and I feel safe there. Greece, Italy, France… I’m not going there until muslim migrants are all around. We’ll support Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech R. by visiting them and spending our money there.

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