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Potato is a vegetable that plays some role in most countries’ gastronomy. It is usually used as a side dish, but sometimes a delicious main dish can be made with only this vegetable in less than one hour. Hungarian cuisine also uses potatoes frequently for delicious delicacies.

In last week’s article, Daily News Hungary shared the secret of how to make the perfect lángos, noodles, potato rolls, cheese rolls and scoops with peach and plum.

Five delicious Hungarian meals made with potatoes – Recipes

Today we would like to share another five delicious recipes collected by Magyarországom.

Pasta with potatoes

Cook approximately 60 dkg of potatoes with their peel on them. After they are cooked, mash them and add some salt to it. Mix the mashed potatoes with 20 dkg of flour, one egg, and 1-2 dkg of fat. Meanwhile, do not forget to start cooking the pasta in warm water. When the pasta is ready to get rid of the water and the potato mixture becomes smooth enough mix it with the pasta. You can eat it with cucumbers or sour-cabbage.

Pasta with potato, Hungarian, dish, potato


Cook approximately 15-20 decagram of potatoes with their peel on them. After they are cooked smash and mix them with 1 decagram of yeast while adding some salt until you get the perfect dough. Roll the dough out into 1 cm wide. Cover half of the rolled-out dough with white sugar and with jam – equal distance from the sugared half. Cover it with the other half dough. Use your finger or a sharp knife to push the dough together and cut out small quadrats. Cook them and cover them with breadcrumbs and some sugar.

Derelye, Hungarian, dish, potato

Potato Scones

Mix approximately 30 decagram of flour with 20 decagram cold margarine. Add to this mixture 30 decagram of cooked and mashed potatoes, 2 decagram of yeast – mixed with some warm milk –, one egg and some salt. Mix them all then rest it for one hour. After one hour roll the dough out and put some melted margarine on it. After you put some margarine on it, tuck it up like it is a simple puff-pastry. Rest it for one hour then do this same procedure again. After doing this twice rest the dough for three hours. Roll the dough out into 2 cms wide and jag it for scones shape. Bake them for 10–15 minutes – first on the upper peep then the lower.

Potato scones, Hungarian, dish, potato


Mix 20 decagram of cooked and mashed potatoes with 30 decagram of flour, 10 decagram of margarine, 10 decagram of sugar, 10 decagram cracked nuts, one yolk, some salt and one tablespoon of soda bicarbonate. 2/3 of the dough has to be rolled out on a floured kitchen-board and put on a sheet covered with some fat. Put some jam on it and cover it with the remained dough. Bake it for approximately 35 minutes – after ten minutes on a lower heat.

Linser, Hungarian, cookie, sweet, potato

Tea-biscuit (Potato scones with sesame seed, ham, paprika or cheese)

It looks like potato scones, but it is different after all. Add 1 decagram of yeast to 1 dls of warm milk. Then add 30 decagram of flour, 20–25 decagram of mashed and cooked potatoes, 20 decagram of butter, two yolks, and some salt. After the smooth dough is ready, roll it out as thin as possible with some flour and double it up from every side of it. Rest the dough for one hour then do this procedure again.  Jag the dough out – as wide as your fingers – and put them on a baking sheet. You can put some ham, paprika, sesame seeds or cheese into the middle of these jagged pieces. Rest them for another hour and then bake them for approximately 10 minutes.

Tea biscuit, Hungary, potato, meal

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