According to, Radouan Mounir – a Moroccan businessman successful in the contract farming of Hungarian paprika – visited the head of the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center (HTCC) of Marrakech with an interesting request.

Mr. Mounir would like to spread lace making with Hungarian co-operation in Agadir, Morocco. He thinks it is important to offer new challenges to a lot of young women and girls, since the population is growing rapidly, and the traditional sector is carpet weaving. However, the businessman thinks lace could be sold well and the 10.5 million foreign tourists like to buy – in addition to Argan oil and ceramics – carpets and laces as well.

The Hungarian lace fits well into the Arab-Berber patterns, and the Moroccan ladies are happy to wear lace on weddings.

Due to Royal initiative, cooperatives for women – the so-called Argan cooperatives – are very successful in Morocco. Thousands of women produce Argan oil with craft methods to make a living. wrote that Radouan Mounir will visit Hungary in February in order to get Hungarian lace to attract Moroccan women and the visiting tourists as soon as possible.

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