Salzburg EU summit
Salzburg, 2018. szeptember 20. Családi fotó az európai uniós állam- és kormányfõk informális salzburgi csúcstalálkozójának résztvevõirõl 2018. szeptember 20-án. A hátsó sorban jobbról a harmadik Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

The majority of European Union member states rejected the latest proposal to enhance the role of EU border agency Frontex in controlling the bloc’s external borders at the Salzburg summit, the government spokesman said late on Thursday.

As we wrote yesterday, “there is no need for Frontex to protect the Hungarian border in our place,” PM Orbán said in Salzburg, read more HERE.

Zoltán Kovács told public news channel M1 that the proposal — which he said had been put forward by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and not the European Commission — “will practically mean that member states will have to give up a part of their sovereignty”.

This was why, he said, Hungary had presented its own proposal to the EU’s Austrian presidency, namely that Frontex should only take over a member state’s border protection duties if the country in question is incapable of or unwilling to protect its Schengen border. In such cases, the member state’s Schengen membership should be suspended, Kovács said.

He said the EU would “try to force through” Merkel’s proposal before next year’s European parliamentary elections in an effort to “remove” the issue of migration from the final stretch of the campaign.

On another subject, Kovács said

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made a proposal to expel Fidesz from the European People’s Party while Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was busy meeting Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Kovács added that this meeting had been announced beforehand.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

  1. What is the outcome of Junker after his unnecessary statement about Hungary being deleted from the people’s party? Surely after a statement like that he should be thrown to the dogs, kicked out of the EU Parliament.

  2. A wonderful article! Chapeau. Here is a sign from Germany that people are not accepting the present situation any longer:
    On 4 November 1989 there was a mass demonstration of almost 1 million citizens against the socialist SED regime in Berlin. Almost 30 years later the SED (which had the slogan ‘Das schaffen wir!’ in the 1980s) seems to have won since the former GDR ‘agitprop’ expert Angela Sauer has been Chancellor of Germany for many years and thus also the EU. A leader of the resistance in former GDR, Angelika Barbe, warns that there are more and more similarities between the then oppressive communist regime and the Sauer government. She also sees that the mass media have assumed the same role as propagators of state propaganda. Just as in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik citizens who actively try to obtain or maintain their freedom are denounced and persecuted. The conclusion is that the period of real freedom and democracy in Europe is a thing of the past and our society is gradually being taken over – and partly already – by far-left, self-proclaiming forces. The GDR 2.0 has become a hard fact in 2018 even though many people still find this exaggerated. But not by people who for decades sighed under the yoke of totalitarian left-wing regimes like in the former Eastern Bloc. It is not for nothing that the Eastern European countries are strongly opposed to the massive immigration of huge numbers of muslims, who are being deliberately undermined by the traditional free European society and eventually collapsed so that the chaos and poverty ruins from Brussels and Soros. The reign of the Islamized federal superstate of the EU can be founded: ‘Eurabia’ or ‘Eurafrica’, as critics call it. Angelika Barbe risked body and limbs – and consequently those of her entire family – by being active in the widespread resistance network in the GDR that consisted of people who refused to conform to the self-proclaimed ‘democratic’ socialist regime that encourages people to go to – when free Western Europe wanted to flee with walls and prevent barbed wire and those who tried to kill it. The network opposed the extradition of the citizens to the arbitrariness of the state and the massive injustice that was done to the people. They organized ‘illegal’ recounts of the manipulated elections in 1989 and the many mass demonstrations that eventually led to the fall of the Wall. Most Germans and Europeans do not yet realize it, but our society is rapidly becoming a ‘GDR 2.0′. For example, Barbe quotes Oxford migration expert Paul Collier who wrote that the miracle of the national state is that a common identity is created that makes solidarity possible. Too much immigration destroys this order. Citizens’ protests – such as recently against the many migrant violence – are not yet banned like in East Germany at the time, but it does not matter much anymore. Just like then, the ruling politicians and media put these protests in the forbidden and despised corner of ‘racists’, ‘extremists’ and even ‘Nazis’ only because these people have a non-politically correct opinion. The former SED forced obedience and docility by threatening activists and their families and families with imprisonment. Some 30 years after the fall of the Wall Germans, who are openly behind or a member of the AFD and / or openly criticize the government’s policy, again run the risk of losing their career and even being dismissed. to become. Here and there AfD’er could not buy or rent a house anymore or they lost their business because the lease of the building was canceled. There are also parallels to be drawn with my homeland, the Netherlands, at the start of WW II when the majority of mass media cooperated slavishly with the German occupiers and the later so honored resistance fighters initially also called ‘subversive and hostile elements’ who, with their resistance, called for peace but would be jeopardize society. In exactly the same way, freedom parties and their leaders and followers are now being demonized again and they are being pretended that their positions, especially their opposition to the mass of immigration and Islam, are adhered to by only a small group of ‘extremists’. Citizens take to the streets because the state is failing and no longer guarantees their safety, Barbe said this week at a meeting. That is, however, the highest task of the state. The cartel parties, which have been violating for years, are not entitled to accuse the citizens of legal violations. They would have to drop their raised finger, with which they want to re-educate the citizens. The demonstration culture is related to the welcome culture. If there are more and more deadly ‘accidents’, which of course are all called ‘incidents’, there is suddenly an alliance to the right that gathers and warns not to instrumentalize such ‘deeds’. The aforementioned Oxford University of migration expert Paul Collier stated in an interview with Die Welt that all people who come to you now come from safe third countries. Germany has not saved a single Syrian from death. What is happening now is therefore not the reception of war refugees but outright ‘Umvolkung’, the stepwise exchange and erasure of the indigenous population and their culture and customs for those of Islam. And for what that means for our society, you just have to take a look across the borders to most of the countries where this intolerant, discriminating, oppressive and militant religious ideology has been given the spotlight.

  3. Just a remark as a warning for the Politbureau in Brussels: EU Brussels lodges a complaint against Poland at the European Court of Justice
    The EU dictatorship now goes so far that if Brussels is not right and the secret retaliatory weapon Frans Timmermans does not offer any solace, a complaint is filed against an ‘unwilling Member State – Poland – at the European court in Luxembourg. Perhaps at first sight not a shocking news but from this act it appears that contrary to what one wants to make the European citizen want to believe there are indeed very dictatorial traits that are obviously camouflaged by remarks such as non-compliance with democratic rules that, ironically enough, again determined and imposed by the EU itself! Can it get even crazier? The European Commission has brought Poland before the European Court of Justice in connection with the controversial mandatory retirement of judges. The reform of the Supreme Court by the Polish government is ‘incompatible with EU law’, the Commission said on 24.09.2018 in Brussels. The European Court of Justice could impose heavy fines on Warsaw if the Commission’s position were not shared. With this complaint, the EU Commission is increasing the pressure on Poland to comply with a series of controversial laws in the eyes of the EU to restructure the country. Matters that do not correspond with what the EU wants, namely a leveled uniform totalitarian united United States of Europe. However, you can doubt the complaint submitted by the EU that there would be something wrong with the Polish system that would reduce the retirement age of judge at the supreme Polish court from 75 to 65 years, which came into force in the summer of 2018. . The Polish government had maintained the regulation despite protests from Brussels. In August 2018, the Commission set a final deadline of one month for Poland to amend the law. Since this has not happened, the case is now referred to the European Court of Justice. The possible sanctions can be fines of which you also have to wonder if Poland will pay them. A refusal would again mean closing the EU subsidy tap to Poland, after which Poland could stop payments to Brussels again. In short, a struggle with the EU as the big loser, where left-wing forces increasingly drive the EU citizen towards a Maoist regime. EU and democracy? Do not let me laugh!

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