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Hungary cannot yet boast of crazy popularity in the tourism market and huge crowds of visitors. But this makes it beautiful. Moreover, those who once visited this corner of Europe will certainly come back again and again. The country does not seem hostile at all – it is romantic and hospitable. It can make a perfect destination for a honeymoon or just a romantic weekend for two. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Hungary, do not miss out on its six most striking romantic spots.

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  • Marzipan Museum

20 kilometres from Budapest, in the city of Szentendre, a very interesting spot is situated.

This is a museum of marzipan devoted to all of those who have a sweet tooth. It was opened in 1994 by local cook Kara Sabo. All exhibits of the museum are made of marzipan. Here, you can see both the Parliament building and the portrait of Mozart, as well as many other works of art made of unusual material. On the first floor, confectioners can buy sweets and watch cooks work.

  • The Hungarian Parliament

The next romantic and beautiful place is, of course, the building of the Hungarian Parliament – a visiting card of Budapest and the whole country. The gothic palace in neo-Gothic style rises above the banks of the Danube, spreading over 13,500 m². Visually, the House of Parliament is very similar to the Westminster Abbey in London: its columns, arches, and sky-shaped spires make for a perfect romantic destination. On certain days, you can get on a tour of the palace and enjoy its magnificent interior decoration in the style of the Middle Ages, and take hundreds of photos.

  • The Fisherman’s Bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion is the place from where one of the best views of the Parliament opens because it is located on the opposite bank of the Danube. But not only luxurious species attract tourists here. This protective fort, symbolising the seven founding tribes of Hungary, represents a complex of ancient architectural masterpieces. The walls of the fortress have encircled beautiful and majestic historical monuments, such as the Cathedral of St. Matthews, the monument to King Steven, the famous Labyrinth, the President’s Residence, and many other attractions.

  • Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square (Hősök tere), a unique place dedicated to the millennial jubilee of Hungary, is located in the city park of Budapest called Városliget.

Above the square stands the column of the archangel Gabriel who, according to the legend, appeared in the dream of St. Steven and urged him to convert the Hungarians to Christianity. On the semicircular colonnades, there are all the heroes of Hungary, from the day it was founded to the present moment. Here, the bronze Louis the Great I strictly watches any passers-by; other monuments here are devoted to Imre Teceli, Ferenc Rákóczi II and 11 other cult historical figures. In the evening and at night, the area is especially beautiful, and you can spend a lovely romantic date here.

  • Lake Balaton

“Sea among Europe” is how they call Lake Balaton.

And it is all because of its large size and the beautiful nature surrounding it. The largest lake in Central Europe has become the heart of the spa resort of Hungary, and its largest (594 km²) pride. In the summer months, the local life is boiling like anywhere else in the country. Vacationers ride on sailboats and relax in thermal springs, enjoy the healing mud baths, and taste fresh fish in local restaurants. Lovers of the unusual must visit the peninsula of Tikhon and make a wish, standing at the edge of a steep cliff. According to the monks of the local abbey, the wishes made here always come true. So, take the person you like and have a rest from a boring routine at this romantic spa resort. And do not forget to make a wish for endless love at this magical spot in the end.

  • Hévíz

It is a thermal lake that hides a lot of riddles and secrets.

All year round, the small town located on the banks of Héviz attract thousands of tourists from all over the world that flock to see the famous miracle of nature with their eyes.

The water temperature in the lake never falls below +26°C, and healing baths can be taken even in cold winter months. The water itself has a unique mineral composition, which completely excludes the appearance of pathogenic bacteria. The lake is so clean that you can drink water from it without any filtration or purification. In addition, Héviz cleanses itself: every 28 hours, the water completely refreshes. The atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity, warm water, protected forest, and gentle lilies – all this is waiting for you. If there truly is paradise on Earth, then it is certainly located in Hungary.

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