The Hungarian Civic Party (MPP) of Transylvania said Ferenc Gyurcsány, the head of the Democratic Coalition party, “again wants to incite hatred and wage a war against ethnic Hungarians …” by proposing that Hungarian citizens who have never lived in the country should not be allowed to vote in Hungary.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, MPP said that Gyurcsány’s latest initiative was not worthy of a Hungarian politician. Ethnic Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin constitute an inseparable part of the culturally uniform Hungarian nation, it added.

“The Hungarian government’s efforts at a cross-border unification of the Hungarian nation serve our shared interests. The state of Hungary, Hungarian society and the Hungarian communities in the Carpathian Basin are all part of the government’s national policy. As Hungarians living in areas that are no longer part of Hungary, we cannot be indifferent to current political developments, as these determine the direction of national policy,” MPP said.

MPP said that the left-wing parties that refused to accept ethnic Hungarians living in neighbouring countries as citizens “would be happy to open the country’s borders to anyone while impairing the rights of Hungarians forced to live beyond the borders”.

“We deeply condemn, and consider it regrettable, that there are citizens considered as Hungarians who, out of momentary interests, act against Hungary and the Hungarian nation,” MPP said in the statement.

MPP said they would never forget who turned against ethnic Hungarians at the referendum of December 5, 2004. “We want them to know that we shall exercise our right to vote,” MPP added.

István Pásztor, head of the Vojvodina Alliance of Hungarians party, told local television station Pannon RTV that as prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsány had argued that ethnic Hungarians beyond the border should not enjoy voting rights in Hungary. At the time of the December 2004 referendum, Gyurcsány saw Hungarians beyond the borders as Serb, Romanian, Ukrainian and Slovak, and he maintains this view, Pásztor said, adding that he, too, had represented this is position on behalf of the Hungarian community in Vojvodina. However, the statement that, as far as the ruling Fidesz party is concerned, ethnic Hungarians “are nothing more than a means to fulfil the party’s power aspirations is offensive,” he said. Nevertheless, he said Hungarians from Vojvodina had undergone a number of trials over the past 25 years and could not be considered as instruments in anyone’s hands.

The Hungarian community in Vojvodina and the larger Hungarian community beyond the borders are politically adult, so when they go out to vote, “and many will vote”, they will not give a mandate to the Democratic Coalition and Gyurcsány, he said.

Source: MTI

  1. The Ottomans divided the Nation of Hungary for about 150yrs. The Hapsburgs divided the Nation for a while till independence. Again the Hapsburgs in WW1 divided the nation ending in Trianon. The NAZI’s divided the Nation and the German’s in WW2. The Soviets divided the Nation after WW2 to 1989. After all those divisions, Hungary is still pretty much whole and spread across many countries with it’s culture, people, and language very strong in all these places. Hungarians are the largest migrated Nation in the world with a resting place in modern day Hungary. No two bit socialist commie twit leader is going to divide or change that ever! Enter FIDESZ & KD who recognize this and work hard to better everything and preserve this. Much more than all the other ‘TALKING’ parties just trying to get elected with no ideas or values so that they can live out retirement themselves on the coat tails of others. You know who to vote for in Spring 2018 !!

  2. Gyurcsanyi is only interested in making money and if he gets from Soros like agencies then so be it.

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